Custom room and content guidelines

Follow these guidelines when creating environments you wish to use as custom rooms to SynergyXR

Best practices:
  • Keep surfaces as flat as possible (walls, floor and ceiling).
  • Walls, floor, ceiling and other surfaces need colliders. Use box colliders where possible.
  • If there is a built-on skybox, its radius must be less than 600 meters and preferably more than 4 times the size of the room.
  • If possible, use non directional lightmaps to improve performance
  • Use a uniform and simple lighting setup
  • Avoid spaces less than 2 meters in any dimension
  • Sprite renderer is not supported, use render texture or textured quad instead.

Technical recommendations:
  • Keep 3d model under 100.000 tris, and always as low as possible with acceptable result.
  • Consider the combined number of polygons and textures for room and content if you want to fit a lot of content into a room.
  • Be selective with large texture usage. One texture used multiple times counts as just 1.
    (Only in rooms, not for content)
  • Do not duplicate materials, if you could instead use the same material again. Multiple usage of the same material still counts as just 1 material. (Only in rooms, not for content)
  • The fewer textures a material is using, the less impact on performance.
  • Keep textures as low as possible; resolution 72dpi with pixel width and height in a power of two (...32, 64, 256, 512, 1024, 2048...). File size also matters, so compress tour textures using e.g. .jpeg compression.
  • Maximum 2048x2048px, preferably 1024, 512 or even less when sensible.
  • Every single texture (Albedo map, metallic/smoothness map, normal map, Occlusion map    etc.) used in a material counts as another texture - keep total amount of textures minimal.
  • Use baked lighting only.

Examples based on purpose:

Example #1: Content is focus (Auditorium): 
  • Total mesh: ~6.500 tris
  • Total materials: 8
  • Total textures: 1k: 5, 512: 4, 256: 3
Example #2: Content and room is of equal importance (Exhibition): 
  • Total mesh: ~20.000 tris
  • Total materials: 13
  • Total textures: 2k: 1, 1k: 5, 512: 9, 256: 3

Example #3: Room is focus (Tutorial Room): 

  • Total mesh: ~250.000 tris.
  • Total materials: 22
  • Total texture maps- 4K: 4, 2K: 1, 1k: 9, 512: 9, 256: 2