How to do remote support with SynergyXR

This guide will show you how to use the Microsoft Hololens as a remote support tool using a desktop version of SynergyXR.

Step 1

Scan your desired location using the SynergyXR app for Hololens. This creates a series of anchorpoints that the Hololens uses to both recognize the space but also to bind certain objects to specific positions.

Step 2

When your scan is complete a co-worker, friend, expert etc. can request a call with you. Upon acceptance the Hololens will start transmitting your field of view to their SynergyXR-window.

Step 3

Using the different guiding tools in SynergyXR it is now possible to accurately receive guidance from the participant within your field of view in SynergyXR. This ensures that you can continue your work with your hands free while being guided/helped through whatever challenge you have encountered.

Video example: