How to install SynergyXR for OfB (Oculus for Business)

In order to have your SynergyXR application installed and made ready for automatic updates, please follow the below procedure:

Please let us have your Device Manager ID for us to send you an invitation in Oculus to make  the new process active.
You can find the Device Manager ID here:

A) Click username:

B) Now you see the Device Manager ID:


When we have received your Device Manger ID, we will send you an invite for you to be enrolled in the business release channel.
Once we have sent the invite, you can find the invite under the tab “Apps” and under “App Invites”, here:


Click it and add app to library:


Once the app has been added to your app. library, you can now deploy the app to the headsets of your choice.
Go to Device fleet, choose device group -> Apps and click “Add”: