How to use SynergyXR on Oculus for Business (OfB)

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  1. Sessions
    1. How to log in
    2. How to join a session
    3. How to create a session
    4. How to load previously saved space
    5. How to choose an avatar
  2. Moving around
    1. How to teleport
    2. How to turn on the spot
    3. How to take a step backwards
    4. How to stand up and sit down
    5. How to reset view
  3. Menu
    1. How to access the menu when in a session
    2. How to use the contents of the menu-system
  4. Objects
    1. How to place
    2. How to interact
    3. How to use the object menu
  5. Drawing
    1. How to locate the draw tool
    2. How to draw in 2D
    3. How to draw in 3D
    4. How to erase drawings
  6. Scenarios
    1. What is a scenario
    2. How to create a scenario
    3. How to load a scenario
    4. How to edit a scenario

How to use SynergyXR for VR


1A - How to log in?

When you want log in, simply open the app on your VR device (example is from Oculus).

Now write your email and password.

Once logged into SynergyXR you can choose your workspace (if prompted).

From here you can enter either the tutorial or go to joining, or creating, a new session. Also you have the option to customize your avatar.


1B - How to join a session?

When you want to join a session simply go through the steps of "1A - How to log in?" and find your session to join.

Now click "Join session" and if password is required type the password. If you do not know it, contact the session-creator to obtain it.



1C - How to create a session?

When you want to create a session follow the steps of "1A - How to log in?".

Then locate the "Create Session" button.

Once clicked you can choose between loading a room available or loading a previously saved space on the workspace.

TIP: The rooms saved will have the name that you choose for your session. You can duplicate the room afterwards.

1D - How to load a previously saved space?

When you want to load a previously saved space follow the steps of "1C - How to create a session?".

But instead of choosing "Create new space", simply press "Load space".

1E - How to choose an avatar?

When you want to choose an avatar all you have to do is walk over the avatar selection screen where you can choose your face, hair style, hair color, skin tone and color of your clothes.

NOTE: The only time you can choose your avatar is in the SynergyXR lobby. So to change avatar you need to quit your session and return to the lobby.




Moving Around:

2A - How to teleport?

When you want to teleport hold the controller as shown here.

Now press, and hold, the thumbstick down. A blue line appears.

When you release the thumbstick it will teleport your to the designated spot.

2B - How to turn without taking a step?

When standing still you can turn around your own axis by lightly tapping the thumbstick.

2C - How to take a step backwards without teleporting or moving in real life?

When you want to take a step backwards simply tab the thumbstick quickly backwards.

This does not prompt the blue line to teleport, but simply moves you a fixed amount backwards.

It's just like taking a step backwards in real life.

2D - How to stand up and sit down?

On the desktop version of SynergyXR you can mimic standing up and sitting down.

In VR this is done by sitting down or standing up in real life.

If you want to reset, so you stand in VR while sitting in real life, simply follow the steps in "2E - How to reset view?"

2E - How to reset view?

So you want to reset your view? Maybe you want to stand in VR while sitting down, comfortably, in real life?

Simply press and hold the Oculus button on your controller.


3A - How to access the menu

To access the menu you simply raise your underarm in front of you. Much like you would, if you were trying to show off your biceps.

The menu will appear alongside your underarm.

You can now access the menu items via clicking with your index finger while highlighting the menu-point you want. Or by simply passing your digital hand through said menu-option.


3B - How to use the contents of the menu-system

The menu is divided into several sub categories which are as follows:

Tools: Draw tools and the laser tool.

Content: Your assets library containing all the content you have uploaded.

Scenarios: The step by step guide creation centre.

Options: Here you can save your room or quit it.


4A - How to place

When you want to place a model first you need to choose a model. This is done by accessing the menu - follow "3B - How to use the contents of the menu-system".

You now have the option to search for your 3D object through our "tagging"-system.

Once the object has been located press it using your index-finger on the controller.

This will highlight the object and allow you to press the "Place"-button.

4B - How to interact

Interacting with a object can be done in two ways.

Either with the middle finger button on either controller or the index finger on either controller. Also you can grab with both hands, if you use the middle finger simultaneously on both controllers.

The bounding box gives you the possibilty of either turning, scaling or flipping the object.

When turning/spinning an object you are prompted with a degree counter to help make precise and congruent moves.

When moving the object this is instead shown in the metric system. Again to help you align and be consistent in your work.

Lastly scaling, this is shown in a percentage.

4C - How to use the object menu

The object menu is accessed by highlighting the desired object with your controller - without pressing any buttons.

This enables a little burger-menu button next to the object.

By moving your cursor to this button you unfold the different options:

1 Delete - Remove the object.

2 Duplicate - Create an exact replica,  keeping  alterations to size and rotation.

3 Reset scale and rotation - Reset to original size and reset rotation of all axis.

4 Lock - Anchors the object and requires you to unlock it to interact with it again.




5A - How to locate and select the draw tool

See the "3A - How to access the menu" if in doubt where to find it.

Now locate the Tool-section, it is denoted with a wrench, option in the menu.

Click this using your index finger.

Now grab the pen by pressing with your middle finger.

How to draw in 2D? See the point below this.

How to draw in 3D? See the bullet below the next one.

5B - How to draw in 2D

To draw in 2D you need a surface to draw on.

In this example we will be using the canvas tool.

To locate a canvas go to your menu (3A - How to access the menu).

From here locate the draw tool (5A - How to locate and select the draw tool).

Now locate the canvas-option and press with the index finger.

Grab a pen, your favorite color is recommended. Then touch the canvas, without pressing a button. Just as you would in the real world. This is were 2D defers from 3D-drawing.

5C - How to draw in 3D

To draw in 3D you need find a pen.

Drawing in 3D lets you draw in thin air or on any surface.

So, unlike 2D, all you need is a pen.

But, to draw in 3D all you need to do is press your index finger-button on the controller and move your hand. 

5D - How to erase drawings

This can be done in two ways.

Delete all drawings on a canvas (for 2D only).

Or use an eraser, located underneath the 3D-draw pen in the menu.

When you want to delete a specific part of your drawing simply mark it with your eraser-tool (the drawn line will become highlighted). And press with your index finger.


6A - What is a scenario

A scenario is a series of steps that can guide any user through a certain curriculum/set of material.

Imagine a standard operating procedure guide. But only one step is shown at a time and it is anchored to certain spot in your surroundings. 

6B - How to create a scenario

When entering the menu (3A - How to access the menu), you need to pick the 3rd option.

Now you can choose between loading a scenario or creating one.

Once you have picked creating, you can start placing steps.

This is done by selecting a video, pdf, image or 3D-object 

6C - How to load a scenario

When you want to load a saved scenario, simply go into the scenario menu (3rd option). From here you press the arrows (>>>) and press it.

It will then prompt you with the available scenarios for the particular room.

6D - How to edit a scenario

When you want to load a previously saved scenario enter the menu for scenarios.

From here you load your previously saved scenario.

Now whenever you place a new object it will be part of that scenario. 

TIP: You can move objects up and down the steps order in the scenario by using the designated buttons located under the specific item. You need to be in scenario mode to do this and you need to have the scenario loaded.