Is my data secure using SynergyXR?

In this article you can read about data security in SynergyXR

SynergyXR – Security Overview

SynergyXR is used by big enterprises hosting business critical information. SynergyXR has been designed from the ground up with security as a major concern, ensuring your data is safe and that unintentional access is not possible.




Build on Microsoft Azure

The SynergyXR content backend containing all files and databases is hosted in the cloud using Microsoft Azure services which are hosted in Europe.

User Authentication

All API access requires authentication and sufficient user privileges – no passwords are stored in our databases, and all access tokens are temporary.

Data Encryption

In SynergyXR, full end-to-end encryption of all network traffic is enforced. HTTPS communication with the SynergyXR content backend happens over port 443 which is what is used for normal internet browsing like e.g. Google searches.