SynergyXR user portal - New user

Synergy Portal – New User

This manual describes the new user experience after they have been added to a Synergy Workspace.

Create user account in Workspace

When an administrator has created a user in a Synergy Workspace, the user will receive an e-mail on the specified e-mail address.


By clicking on the “Confirm my account” link, the user will be taken to Synergy Portal where he/she can specify a password for the account.


The password must live up to the following rules:

  • At least 8 characters long.
  • The following types of characters are allowed:
    • Lower case characters: a-z
    • Upper case characters: A-Z
    • Numbers: 0-9
    • The following special characters: “Space” “,”, “!”, “%”, “&”, “/”, “(“, “)”, “=” and “?”


Choosing a valid password and pressing the “Register” button will result in the user account being crated in the chosen Workspace with the specified Role.