What is a Content Space or just a Space?

A Content Space (often just called a Space) defines the surroundings (Environment viewer) of the collaborative session and all available content in the Space.  

There are two types of Content Space: 

  • Virtual: A pure virtual Space using one of the built-in environments to host collaborative meetings. 
    Users can create and join virtual Spaces from VR and PC. 
  • Physical: A Content Space linked to a real-world physical location, enabling e.g. HoloLens users to augment the physical location with virtual content. The environment model is automatically created using the HoloLens scanning capability. 
    Upon creation of a physical Space SynergyXR automatically creates Spatial Anchors which links virtual content to physical locations. This means that SynergyXR can recognize physical Spaces and place virtually content correctly in persistent multiuser sessions.  
    Users can create physical Spaces on the HoloLens and users can join a physical Space from HoloLens, VR and PC.