SynergyXR content overview

SynergyXR – Content Overview 
In SynergyXR content is of major importance, since this is what allows users to create their own XR experiences. Content is a common concept for all virtual items stored in a Workspace and which can be placed in a Space. Currently four types of Content are supported for import in SynergyXR: images, videos, pdf documents and 3D models. 


The amount of content that can be shown in SynergyXR depends on many factors. Most of these factors are aggregated in a single Memory estimate value that shows how demanding a given piece of content is on the system.  

Below are some good practices to optimize the different content types for SynergyXR. The Web Manager will give you feedback if the content being uploaded has problems or very large memory estimates.  

In SynergyXR we support images in .PNG and .JPG file formats. The maximum image resolution supported is 2K and we recommend using as low resolution as possible.  

In SynergyXR we support videos in .MP4 and .MOV file formats using standard H.264 encoding. When using video recorded on iPhone or iPad use “best compatible” in your camera settings. We suggest using video resolutions of 720p and below.  

PDF Documents 
In SynergyXR we support PDF documents in the standard .PDF file format.  
PDFs should be kept below 10 MB size.  

3D Models 
In SynergyXR we support 3D models in .GLB and .FBX file formats. To optimize models for SynergyXR use below 250.000 polygons, and less than 150 separate sub-objects. Use as few materials as possible and keep textures at 2k or lower. The lower you can get the above elements the better the content will perform, and the more you can have in the space at the same time.