SynergyXR content overview

SynergyXR – Content Overview

In SynergyXR content is of major importance, since this is what allows users to create their own XR experiences. Content is a common concept for all virtual items stored in a Workspace and which can be placed in a Space. Currently four types of Content are supported in SynergyXR: images, videos, pdf documents and 3D models.

In SynergyXR we support images in .PNG and .JPG file formats. The maximum image resolution supported is 2K, and we recommend you keep most images at 1K or less for a good balance of performance and amount of content supported in a Space.

In SynergyXR we support videos in .MP4, .MPEG, and .MOV file formats using standard H.264 encoding. You can even use videos recorded on your iPhone if you use the “best compatible” in your camera settings. We suggest keeping video resolution at 720p for a reasonable balance between, performance, video length and amount of content supported in a Space.

PDF Documents
In SynergyXR we support PDF documents in the standard .PDF file format.

3D Models
In SynergyXR we support 3D models in .GLB and .FBX file formats. 3D models can have animations embedded – you will be able to play, stop and scroll in the first animation embedded to the model, when model is placed in a Space in SynergyXR.
For a reasonable balance between performance and model quality we suggest you do not exceed 250.000 triangles. You should also use as few sub-meshes as possible – if a 3D model exceeds 100 meshes a warning will be issued upon upload, and we currently do not support more than 150 sub meshes.
Please also use as few materials as possible and use textures of 1K (recommended) or 2K (max) resolution.