Update on the Oculus for Business service and headsets

Facebook (now Meta) has chosen to change the current Oculus for Business.
Details can be found here:

Summary of the main changes:

  • After December 31st 2021 it is no longer possible to purchase the OFB headsets – it will only be possible to buy consumer headsets
  • Existing OFB headsets will still have the extended warranty period (24 months from time of purchase)
  • Existing OFB headsets already enrolled in the OFB Device Manager software can still be managed as usual – but it will no longer be possible to add additional headsets after December 31st 2021
  • A new service called Quest for Business will get rolled out – expected general availability 2023, where users will be able to log into consumer headsets with a “business account”

We have the following recommendations for different types of users:

  • Companies already using OFB with no plans to purchase additional headsets
    • Stay on OFB using the Device Manager software to manage headsets – no changes recommended
    • Only caveat is that the operating system will not get updated past version 29. If you need features introduced in later OS version (e.g. pass through) you will need to use consumer headsets which are kept up to date
  • Companies wishing to purchase (additional) headsets
    • Keep any OFB headsets as is – see above
    • Purchase new headsets as consumer headsets
    • When enrolling these consumer headsets, there are a few options:
      • Use a real Facebook account
        • + Access to all Oculus Store content
        • - Personal account tied to all headsets
      • We can supply you with a “Test user” which can be used to enroll headsets
        • + Use completely anonymous account to enroll headsets
        • - No access to official store applications – only the applications distributed by SynergyXR can be used on the headsets