What is a workspace?

In SynergyXR we use the term workspace - but what is a workspace?

To each Organization, one or more Workspaces are associated. Everything you do in SynergyXR is allocated to a Workspace: user access; content; spaces; multiuser sessions; etc. This means that a Workspace provides clear separation of data and collaborative sessions. This also means that there is no need for separate user accounts – a single user account can have access to several Workspaces, within the same Organization or in separate Organizations – with the same or different access levels. 

When logging into SynergyXR the user will be asked to select between the available Workspaces. Everything done henceforth is isolated to that Workspace until the user switches to another Workspace. 

As an example, a single Organization can have separate Workspaces for the Engineering department and for the Marketing department.