SynergyXR Manager User Manual

SynergyXR Manager – User Manual

This user manual gives an introduction to SynergyXR Manager where users can manage all content stored on the Content Backend of SynergyXR called a Workspace.

Supported content in a Workspace:

  • 3D models – in GLB and FBX file formats
  • Pdf documents
  • Images – in .PNG and .JPG file formats
  • Videos – in .MP4 and .Mov file formats

Upload content to a Workspace

In the “Upload” tab, users can add new content to the Workspace.

By pressing the add file button
a Windows file browser will be launched, enabling the user to select a single file to be uploaded to the Workspace. Once selected, the file is shown in the upload staging area.


Now several actions are available – some mandatory and some optional

  • Add tag – add at least one searchable tag to enable users to find the content in the SynergyXR applications – this is the only mandatory action
  • Change file name, add title, description and URL 
  • Add thumbnail – by pressing the default icon (in this case the 3D icon) a Windows file browser is launched enabling the user to browser to a thumbnail location to add an image in .png or .jpg file format to be used as thumbnail for the content. N.B. for video and image content an automatically generated thumbnail image can be used.
  • By clicking the cancel button
    the content is removed from the upload staging area, and hence will not be saved to the Workspace
  • Errors preventing upload will be shown. This could be the use of an invalid character in the file name, or too large file size

Once all changes has been made individual content files in the upload staging area can be uploaded by pressing the upload button
on each individual piece of staged content, or all staged files can be uploaded in one go, by pressing the "Upload all" button in the bottom.

It is also possible to upload an entire folder of content files by pressing the add folder button
This will launch a Windows file browser enabling the user to select a folder containing several sub-folders and content files. All files will automatically be tagged with the name of the folder in which they reside as well as all parent folder names.

Organize content in a Workspace

In the “Organize” tab an overview is given of all the content available in the Workspace.

It is possible to filter the shown content based on

  • Content type (image, 3d models, pdf or video) by toggling the icons
  • Enter search tags. If multiple tags are entered, only content containing all tags will be shown in the list

In the image above, only 3D content with the search tags “industry” and “pump” is shown.


By clicking the small arrow, additional content information can be accessed


The following details can be modified:

  • File name – in the example above this is “ALPHA 32-40”. This is the name shown to users when browsing for content in one of the SynergyXR applications
  • Title – in the example above this is “ALPHA3 circulator pump”. This is a longer more descriptive title shown to the user in SynergyXR mobile app.
  • Description – a longer description giving more information about the content. This is shown to the user in SynergyXR mobile app.
  • URL – link to e.g. product webpage. This can be accessed by the user in SynergyXR mobile app.
  • Tags – a list of one or more searchable tags. Additional can be added by typing in the “Add tag…” input field, while individual tags can be removed from the content by pressing the small ‘x’ on each tag. When content is used in a SynergyXR Space, it is also automatically tagged with the name of the Space.

All this information can freely be changed without any danger of compromising any applications. Other options are also available:

  • In case there is a new version of the content, press the change file button
    This will launch a Windows file browser enabling the user to browser for the updated file. It is only possible to update the content with the same file type. Updating content like this will automatically ensure that all places the content is used, the new updated version will now be shown to the user
  • It is possible to download the content locally to the PC by pressing the download button. This will launch Windows file browser enabling the user to specify where the downloaded file will be saved

    It is also possible to delete content from the Workspace by pressing the delete button

    Deleting content is irrevocable so please be careful when deleting content – it could potentially be used in an application without you knowing.


    The "Settings" tab is mainly used for changing to another workspace, if the user has access to more than one workspace.